25.2 How to edit maps

Maps can be edited within the view window by selecting “Settings” from the context menu opened by a right click on the map.

Figure 82Map View Context Menu

Figure 83Map Settings Dialog

The colors of the different classes can be edited by clicking at the specific color.

The colors can be

  • selected from a example color palette
  • defined through HSB color system or
  • defined through RGB color system

Figure 84Pick a color from the color palette within the map view settings dialog

Figure 85Define a color within the HSB color menu of the map view settings dialog

Figure 86Define a color within the RGB color menu of the map view settings dialog

Optionally you can generate a color gradient from a start color to an end color or an invert color gradient that does not folow the color model in the inverse direction.

Furthermore, you can modify the design of your legend by changing the font type, style and size or by changing the margins between the text and the color boxes of the legend.

Figure 87Change the design of the legend

You may display unique values using a streched legend layout or a grouped legend layout with color boxes for each value.

Figure 88Switch between grouped and streched layout legend for unique values