Welcome to the homepage of INSENSA-GIS

Welcome to the homepage of INSENSA-GIS. The Software has been designed and developed by Dennis Biber and is a software for the work with GIS raster data. INSENSA-GIS is a free and open source software for statistical computing and display of GIS data. It runs on Windows and Linux and can be downloaded from this homepage under Get INSENSA-GIS.

INSENSA GIS is licensed under the Gnu Public Licencse Version 3 (GPLv3)

The software has been designed for

  • Statistical analysis of GIS data
  • The development of weighted indices from different GIS data sets
  • The testing of the robustness of created indices through standardized sensitivity analysis
  • The display of results, tables and maps and
  • The export of results and GIS data files in different formats

Latest News

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