17 Multiple use of Option File Changer Functions

It is possible to use more than one option File Changer functions for one file and to use the same Option File Changer function multiple times.

One example would be the adding of different options in the following order to one file and in the following order:

  1. Add the function Replace Values (modify settings).
  2. Add the function Normalizing.
  3. Add the function Equal Breaks.

The options are executed in the sequence of being added. First certain values are replaced by step 1, in a second step data are normalized and then data are classified with equal breaks.


Figure 55: Adding multiple options

Besides the function copy all option file changers can be combined in any order and added as often as desired to the same file. Only the option “copy” cannot be executed after another option since a hard copy is created as part of any Option File Changer Function already. Option File Changer Functions may have dependencies which are listed under the description of each function.