18.3 Classifying values

Under certain circumstances it makes sence to build classes of data and to substitute the original value by its class value. Similar as the Min-Max-Normalization this methodology can also be used to transform different data to the same specific range. Different methodologies have been implemented in INSENSA GIS how data can be classified. These methods are

These Option File Changer functions categorize all values according to the settings specified in the specific Option File Changer icon in the filetree or the associated information reader. The option file changer functions Equal Breaks, Quantile Breaks, Jenks Breaks and Variable Breaks substitute each value with its classified value while information reader functions are simply calculating the breaking values. When classifying values with one of the option file changer functions the according information reader is automatically added together with its dependencies to your filetree.


FigureĀ 57: Classification of data with equal breaks

Open the function settings dialog by double-clicking at the Option icon at the file tree.

The methodology of how the breaks are calculated is explained in detail in the Information Reader section.