13.8 Count Interval Values

The the information reader function CountIntervalValues counts the number of values falling within a certain range. The upper and lower boundaries can be either dfined as values, for example with a lower boundary of 0 and a upper boundary of 5, or they can be defined as a percentage of the maximum value, for example between 0% and 5% for a dataset with the maximum value 50. Accordingly, the range that the number of values are counted for is between 0 and 25. Add the information reader function to the file or files you wish to count the number of values in a certain interval and open the tree beyond the file. Open the properties window with a double click on the count interval value.

The Count Interval Values function has the following dependencies:

13.8.1 The Count Interval Values Settings Dialog

Define the upper and the lower boundaries for the range that you wish the values to be counted. They can be either defined as the actual value or as a percentage of the maximum value.


FigureĀ 39: Count Interval Settings Dialog