6.1 Create a New User

Users can be added by creating a new user account and defining a user name. Each user has its own workspace that can be created anywhere on the harddrive. This workspace contains all projects and project files. All changes that are made within the software will lead to according changes within the workspace. Please do not change the filestructure or files within the working space as this may result in problems when opening the project in the software afterwards. You can create a new user from the “create a new user...” dialog at the start screen or from the projects dialog. If you create a new user from the start screen a dialog will open where you can type in your name and select your workspace.


Figure 16: Create a new user through the start screen dialog

To create a new username from the projects menu got to “New” and “Project” at the menu and click at “New” in the user section of the dialog. Then create your new user account and assign a workspace for your projects.


Figure 17: Create a new user through the projects dialog