32.1 Create a new Plugin

To create a new plugin you have create the general plugin structure. For this open Insensa GIS, create a new or select an old project and selelect Extensions and Manager from the Menu. In the dialog you can choose between

  • New: Creates a new plugin
  • Add: Add an existing plugin
  • Remove: Deletes an existing plugin

Select ”New” to create a plugin from scratch. Select the location on your harddrive where you want to store your plugin project and give it a name. Click OK to close the dialogue.

The extension manager will automatically create the basic structure for your plugin including the following folders:

  • a folder ”scripts”: Here all R scripts and testing data are stored
  • a folder ”xml”: This folder contains an xml file defining the specific settings for the plugin such as name, script files and script language
  • a folder ”help”: This folder contaisns the help file to be integrated in the Insensa context help

The R Scripts will be executed every time the plugin is being used in Insensa GIS. If you want to allow the user of the plugin to change settings you need at least two R Scripts, one for the functions to be executed and one for the extensions. We have developed an R Package to allow easier plugin development.