22.5 Mean

The connection function Mean calculates the arithmetic mean value for each unit over more than one selected file for each unit.NODATA values are excluded from the calculation.

    1 ∑n     x  +x  + x + x + ...+ x
¯x = --   xi =-1----2---3---4--------n
    n i=1                 n

Optionally relative values can be calculated as a percentage of the mean in relation to one of the selected files according to the formula

      (       )           (                         )
        1∑n      -1         x1 +-x2 +-x3-+-x4 +-...+-xn 1-
¯xrel =  n    xi ⋅xi ⋅100 =             n              ⋅xi ⋅100

22.5.1 The Mean Settings Dialog

As a default mean values are calculated. Check the box for relative values and select the relative source to calculate relative values.


Figure 72: Mean Properties Dialog