6.3 Open, delete or import projects

To get an overview of your projects, to manage and open them, go to File Project, by clicking at the icon or through the shortcut Ctrl-p.


Figure 20: Open or delete an existing project

From hery you may

  • open a that is already in your workspace project
  • import a project into your workspace or
  • delete a project from your workspace.
6.3.1 The open, delete or import projects dialog

Select your username in the dialog and all your projects will be listed sorted by their date of creation. Select the project you wish to open and click “Finish”. Your project will be opened.


Figure 21: Open or delete an existing project dialog

To delete a project highlight the project you want to delete. Click right and select delete project.


Figure 22: Delete an existing project

To import a project into your workspace select import project and browse to the location where the project is located.

Hinweis: Note that only INSENSA GIS projects can be imported and exchanged between different users and workspaces. Projects from other GIS software products can not be imported, but you may import separate GIS files into your INSENSA GIS projects.