18.6 Template Cut

The Template Cut Option File Changer function alows to replace certain values within one file with the NODATA value, if they fulfill the specified requirements within another dataset, the template. Here is an example: If you apply this function for example to file1 using the template file2 and specify the template values 5 and 10, every cell in file 1 will be replaced by NODATA if the corresponding cell in file 2 has either the value 5 or 10.


FigureĀ 63: Graphical explanation of the Template Cut Function

Open the function settings dialog by double-clicking at the Option icon at the file tree.

18.6.1 The Template Cut Settings

The Template Cut settings dialog alows you to define your template file and several template values you want to define as criteria. All cells within the file will be substituted by NODATA if the corresponding cell of your template file contains one of the specified template values. Select your template file from the filetree and specify your template values by typing them in and adding them to the left list of template values pressing the button Add.


FigureĀ 64: The template cut settings dialog