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Tutorial 2 - Information Reader Functions

Information reader functions are different mathematical functions that return information on one or more selected files. They do not change the files and can be added to each file and executed.

Too add Information reader functions one or more files have to be highlighted.
Information Reader Functions can be added

a. by clicking Edit > Add > InfoReader,
b. by clicking right on one or more selected files Add to Information Reader or
c. by using the shortcut Cntrl-I.

A dialog will open showing a list of different information reader functions. Select those functions you wish to execute for the selected files by checking the box. Click OK to close the dialog.

The selected functions will now be added to the selected files in a tree structure. There might be more information reader functions than you originally added. This is because certain calculations have to be made as a prerequisite to your selected information readers. The dependencies are added automatically to the file tree.

The information reader function settings can be adjusted where appropriate by double click on the information readers in the file tree opening a new dialog.

If  an new dialog does not open, there are no settings that can be made.

The settings window looks different for each information reader. For the precision values, setting the maximum number decimal places for further calculations, it looks like this.

You can change the settings and press the OK button to close the window.
Be sure to hit the enter button after you changed the settings. Otherwise your changes are dismissed after closing the window.
To execute the information reader function select the file or files

  1. go to Edit→Execute→InfoReader,
  2. use the shortcut Cntrl-Alt-I
  3. or click right and select Execute→ all information readers from the context menu.
  4.  Alternatively you can also execute each information reader separately.

The execution progress is displayed in a process tree that can be closed after all processes have been executed or cancelled.

After you executed all information readers, the symbol in the file tree looks different. Before execution they are displayed in grey and afterwards in green. This meas that the information has now been calculated, e.g. the mean value.

All calculated informations are displayed in the table in the middle panel under the heading File informations. Here you can also see other information such as the NODATA value or the cellsize.