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Tutorial 3 - Option File Changer Functions

Option File Changer Functions are writing hard copies of files in your workspace by creating simply copies or by changing single or all values of the GIS file. Options have to be added to each file and executed.
Too add Option File Changer functions one or more files have to be highlighted. Option File Changer functions can be added

  1. by going to Edit→Add→Otion,
  2. by clicking right on one or more selected files Add → Option File Changer or
  3. by using the shortcut Cntrl-O.

The dialog box shows the list of Option File Changer functions that can be applied to one or more selected files. Select the Option file changer function you wish to use and hit the OK button to close the dialog.

The Option File Changer Functions are attached to each selected file in the filetree. It is also possible to add more than one Option File Changer Function by repeating the previous steps. The functions will be executed one by one in the order they have been attached to the file.

You can change the settings of some option file changer function (if appropriate) by double clicking on the grey option Icon. A new dialog opens that looks different for each option file changer function. For the Normalization it looks like this. You may change the settings, in this case select the range for the normalization procedure and apply inverse normalization. Hit the Ok button to close the dialog.

Besides the function copy all option file changers can be combined in any order and added as often as desired to the same file. Only the option “copy” cannot be executed after another option since a hard copy is created as part of any Option File Changer Function already.

To execute the Option File Changer functions select the file or files and
  1. go to Edit→Execute→Option,
  2. use the shortcut Cntrl-Alt-O or
  3. click right on the file or the files and select Execute→Option.

The execution progress is displayed in a process tree that can be closed after all processes have been executed or cancelled.

After executing the option file changer functions the option symbols are not grey any more but blue. Furthermore, the file symbol looks now different (darker colours) indicating that a hardcopy of the file has been created in your workspace while executing the Option File Changer function.

The options have now been executed. This is also shown in the middle panel table giving information about the Option File Changer functions that have been applied to the file.